Help Stop the Ban on E Cigs!

Please sign and pass this petition on to everyone you know! Don’t think that because it is not in your town that it is not important! If these new ordinances are  not overturned in Long Beach, California, then it’s just a matter of time before they pass these laws throughout the US! Stand up for the vaping community, and stand up for your right to live a healthier lifestyle!

This new law not only restricts where you use your vape but it also applies a 30% tax rate on ALL vaping related purchases to be paid by YOU the consumer!

Keep the Vape in Vape Shops-Long Beach

Petition by James Demetra

To be delivered to Long Beach City Council

Tuesday March 4th, the Long Beach City Council passed an ordinance to regulate Vaporizers and ECigs the same as tobacco. This petition is to amend the ordinance to allow sampling and vaping to still be allowed in shops similar to the policies passed by surrounding cities.
There are currently 325 signatures. NEW goal – We need 400 signatures!


Sampling is a major part of the vaping industry. Doctors from around the globe agree that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. The city council and Council Member Suja Lowenthal think that conviction enough is a reason for current smokers to try the alternative. Smokers who have tried the patch, the inhalers, the gum, medication, all to no avail. It’s made us skeptical. Vape shops allow people interested in seeking an alternative to learn more, try it out and answer any questions along the way. Every other city around Long Beach has added amendments allowing Vape shops to sample and keep their lounges. The council members admitted they didn’t know enough on the topic and that more time should be taken to do it right, however they got tired of deliberating and passed the ordinance as it stood. The ordinance also lacks any sort of grandfathering in of Vape shops. If forced to be regulated similar to tobacco shops, we may lose some of our favorite shops due to zoning restrictions. Sign this petition. Help local small businesses. Keep Long Beach on a level playing field and show City Council we won’t stand for lazy policy making. Who knows, together we might even save some lives.


  • 325. Anthony from cypress, CA signed this petition on Mar 18, 2014.
  • 324. Mike Morgan from Trabuco Cyn, CA signed this petition on Mar 18, 2014.
  • 323. Matthew Wimberley from Yucaipa, CA signed this petition on Mar 18, 2014.
  • 322. Justin Horning from Dana Point, CA signed this petition on Mar 17, 2014.

    Stop killing what you don’t understand. It’s called Progress…

  • 321. Ben Pellett from rantoul, IL signed this petition on Mar 17, 2014.

    No vaping in V A P E shops?? Absolutely absurd. Vaping hasn’t hurt anyone, and won’t. Whoever started this scare should be ashamed of themselves. FOR SHAME!!!

  • 320. robert lester from menifee, CA signed this petition on Mar 17, 2014.

    lame lame lame

  • 319. Ferenc Czigler from Hungary signed this petition on Mar 17, 2014.
  • 318. John Madden from Garden Grove, CA signed this petition on Mar 17, 2014.
  • 317. Josh Reyes from Honolulu, HI signed this petition on Mar 17, 2014.
  • 316. Alan Tagama from Ewa Beach, HI signed this petition on Mar 17, 2014.

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6 thoughts on “Help Stop the Ban on E Cigs!

  1. Lawmakers want to regulate vaping yet they want to cash in on it as well by adding a 30% tax on all vape products to be paid by you! Let’s show our support for the Long Beach vapers and stop this nonsense. Sign the petition now!


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